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  • Gina Sellers

Who Knew?

Recently my husband Dale and I celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary. I’m so thankful for Dale and his love and devotion as well as his support of my artistic journey. We decided to use his Hotel points earned from pre-COVID-19 travel and packed our clothes and masks to head to Hilton Head for just a few days. We were both looking forward to getting away. But I admit being a little afraid it would be too short to really refresh us. Silly isn’t it? We had not even left yet. We absolutely could not have had more beautiful weather. I still can’t believe how refreshed we both felt just getting out in the sun for a few days. Who knew? And I came back with so much inspiration and freedom to paint! My work is evolving toward a looser freer style that still allows me to express the beauty of nature. A new collection is in the works! Thank you so much for following and supporting me as I express through art my love of light and creation.

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