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What's Your Why?

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Sitting in my studio this morning I put the last stroke on a small 8"x 10" painting. I pushed back from my easel and thought about "the why" of what I do. This has actually been on my mind for some time now. I paint for one main reason really, to communicate peace and hope through the beauty of creation. This message is coming out more and more in my new work which I "plan" to make available later this Spring. We are living in crazy times right now. And the world could use some reminders that hope and peace are still possible. Take time to ask yourself some hard questions while you have these moments of stillness. Talk to your family. Reconnect with what's important. Ask yourself, "What's my why?" My prayers are with you as you navigate life right now. Be safe and stay healthy.... And....wash you hands. : ) #whatsyourwhy #peace #hope #COVID19 #artist #oilpainter #art #

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