• Gina Sellers

What Does It Mean?

What does it mean when artists refer to their collectors? What is an art collector? Are you an art collector? I think sometimes people think the term art collector is ONLY used to describe the affluent art buyer who has a mansion to display all the works of the great Masters. Nothing could be further from the truth. A collector is someone, anyone, who enjoys owning a piece of art from an artist with whom they connect. Though I usually think of collectors owning original pieces, there are actually different groups of art collectors. Some prefer buying prints. Some enjoy originals but stick to small pieces from a favorite artist or from multiple artists. Some have the ability to invest in large pieces of original art. But all are collectors. The key to being an art collector is simply connecting with an artist or with multiple artists and purchasing from them. Don't let the the art world intimidate. We are all just regular ole people. : ) And by the way if you join my email list (VIPs) you will have early access to my small collection of florals releasing this month. But you must sign up by July 15.

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