• Gina Sellers

Silver Lining

It's been a while since I've written anything. Things have just been so strange lately. But in the midst of it all I have say it has given me the opportunity to step back a little and evaluate. Many times life is just going so fast it's hard to stop and think things over. Have you taken advantage of this Covid-19 shut down to hit reset on your life? Is there anything you will change in your life going forward? Will you be adventurous and try something new? Maybe you will make changes to cherish family more. As frustrating and difficult as things are, moments to reflect and reset are a silver lining. I hope you find your opportunity to take a step toward something great for you or your family or both. Personally, this has given me time to focus on an online course to further my art. It has also afforded me moments to refuel creatively by simply stopping to listen to the birds, clearing my mind to focus on and listen to God. I see more clearly why beauty is important in the world. It inspires, calms and generally makes life more enjoyable. My goal is simply to continue finding ways to bring that beauty to you. Stay healthy and safe.

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