• Gina Sellers

New Years Resolution?

Updated: Mar 11

2020 is off and running! Did you make resolutions? Have you kept them so far? Maybe you're like me and you don't usually make any. Well, this year I decided to make one that I know I can do and that will hopefully push me further down this creative path I'm on. It's not something that is difficult to do. It's not something that I can fully visualize the outcome. It is just a small change toward a direction that will stretch me further. More color, looser strokes. That's it. No concrete expectations. I think if we would all gift ourselves with small changes toward our best interest, without harsh expectations of the result, we might just stick to our resolutions. Baby steps. As a Christian, I don't believe in leaps of faith, but steps of faith that are lit one step at a time. I hope you are stepping out to try, learn, do something new this year!


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