• Gina Sellers

My Crazy Holiday Season

I know it's been a while since I last posted, but life has been a little...well... crazy. This past November, 2020 cranked up to a new level. The Saturday after Thanksgiving my 82 year old father-in-law landed in the hospital with Covid-19. It hit him really hard and kept him in the hospital a month and in rehab 2 months now. In the meantime, Dec 20, my son-in-law's brother passed away suddenly at 24 years old from a rare condition he fought since childhood. On Christmas Day my 83 year old father spent Christmas morning with us only to go home, fall 3 times and wind up in the hospital. After they stabilized his potassium he went to rehab for 2 weeks. But in the mean time, two days after Christmas my oldest daughter (married to the son-in-law who lost his brother) delivered our grandson. A ray of sunshine.

Then comes 2021.....Better right?

After my dad's rehab was "done" my mom went to pick him up only to see them preparing to send him back to the hospital. We basically had no communication with doctors and no ability to see him for 2 days. He was then released back to rehab for 2 days until Hospice carried him home. I'm simplifying. So many questions. We then tended to him over the next few days until he took his last breath on January 22. We laid my Dad to rest on January 27. He had dementia and was declining but still so many questions. Through all of this my husband and his sisters were working to find a nursing home to take his dad as Covid-19 left him needing constant nursing care (still looking). Also, we learned My oldest daughter's father-in-law will need open heart surgery. There is more that I won't share but you get the idea. Crazy!

With all that said... Just because we start a new year doesn't mean everything hard stops. But how we respond to those hard things, old or new, is critical to our mental health. For me, trusting in God keeps my thoughts in check and keeps despair from taking over. A new year doesn't promise perfect happiness. But every day offers a new opportunity to hope. May you find new hope as you think on something good today. I'm trying to think on some new inspirations to paint, keeping my mind looking forward with hope and clinging to peace. : )

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