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March Madness?

A self induced challenge has me painting daily this month. However, it's not really madness. I'm taking it slow and steady allowing my self 2 days to paint, 15 pieces in 30 days, mostly 11 x 14s. It's definitely keeping me busy but not burning me out like last time I did this. So instead of being March Madness I'm calling it March Happiness. I'm truly excited about the results so far. Soon these new pieces will be available for purchase. The first focus was on "My Hometown". The Greenville Area has been home for a very long time and continues to be a wonderful place to live. Each piece has a special memory or moment attached. The second focus is "Coastal Escape" based on a relaxing anniversary trip Dale and I took a while back. By month's end 15 new pieces will be finished and most will make it to Browse and Stroll Sidewalk Market in Travelers Rest on Sat. April 17.

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