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Looking Forward

Though the past couple of months have been extra difficult for my family, things seem to be settling down as the new normal sets in. Through this time it's been difficult to think of creating new work. Now as I begin to spark the creative flame again I look forward to what this new year of art will bring. Last year my goal was to experiment more with looser strokes and stronger color. It was definitely worth it! Thank you to my new collectors for the support as I stretched myself. I'm pondering where inspiration will take me this year as I continue to embrace a more impressionistic style. I know there will be some local scenes in the mix, but beyond that is mystery and adventure. With 3 markets already booked, possibly a 4th, I need to get busy. : ) One market will be as soon as April 17th. So I'll be working hard to create some new beautiful pieces for collecting. Spring is almost here in South Carolina. I know we are all looking forward to some warmer, sunnier weather and to get outside! Join my email list to keep up with my coming market schedule.

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