• Gina Sellers

Journey Update/ Thank You!

Those of you who know me, are aware I have always been a "creative" in the sense that my hands are always making something (crochet, macrame, Christmas decorations, home decor items, sewing, cross stitching, crafting, crafting,crafting). But what you may not know is that, as a little girl and through my teens, the passion was to draw and paint. After going to college everything shifted toward music. Fast forward 30+ years! I finally got up the courage to re-visit my love for art and try to paint, diving into learning what could be found on YouTube and other social media. After about a year, I decided to give oil painting a try. July will mark 1 year of oil painting. This past March my paintings were installed at Open Art Studios, an artist co-op gallery in downtown Greenville, SC. On May 11 a brand new experience of painting live outdoors at Noma Square in Greenville will stretch me even farther. All of this is testimony of the wonderful support I have received from my husband and family, as well as the many friends and acquaintances met along the way. There is know way to express the gratitude for the kind words of encouragement that have kept me on this path to grow in what brings me so much joy! Thank you! And I hope my journey will inspire you to take a step toward your passion. I believe God plants inspiration in all people. We just have to be willing to water and tend it.

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