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  • Gina Sellers

Breathe Deep

By now you know that what I create usually has a light, peaceful, hopeful, inquisitive feel to it. This is not something always aspired to as much as something that just happens. It is a desire to see people at peace, thriving, enjoying life. Everything in our world right now is trying to steal that. Shut the world out for a little while. Surround yourself with nature and beauty. Breathe deep. Feel your feet planted on the ground. Dig your hands in some dirt. We all need to refresh our minds and heal from all the trauma of 2020 in order to live 2021 in a successful way. In some way I hope what I paint can reflect what is beautiful and good in the world. My dream is for my art to be a part of making a cozy, inspiring spot in your home where you will continue to dream big.

Dates to remember:

Now ......."My Hometown" Collection is finally uploaded to the website. Sorry for the delay. Prints are in the works also.

June 17 ... The new "Summer Surprise" Collection will launch June 17.

June 19 ... Your last chance this Spring to enjoy the Browse and Stroll Sidewalk Market in Travelers Rest


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