• Gina Sellers

Almost There!

Whew! There are so many things that have been happening behind the scenes to prepare the new collection that launches on my website Thursday. From scanning, editing, taking photos to getting the website updated, creating the listings and posting on social media (dropped the ball a little) things are almost there. Tomorrow (Thursday June 17 at 8:00am) the "Summer Surprise Collection will launch! These paintings were really fun to create as they brought back vivid memories of a short but beautiful anniversary trip. The days were full of warm sunshine, salty air and crashing waves. There were cool dips in the ocean, walks on the beach and seafood at night. If you enjoy a lazy day in the sun with the waves lightly crashing on the sand, go take a look at "Summer Surprise". It will be there bright and early tomorrow. more thing. the entire collection will be available for two days online. Then on Saturday I will be taking them to Browse & Stroll Sidewalk Market. After the market whatever is left will be reposted. So don't delay if you have a favorite. : )

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